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partnersItrimex specialises in the recovery of all metals from scrap PCB boards.  

Itrimex works in partnership with global industrial metal recycling businesses to aid them in their quest to recover metals at lower operating costs with increased energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions.

 Our process is based on using inorganic solvents and specific forms of agitation, enabling a number of key benefits when compared to conventional thermal destruction (smelting) processes:

These benefits include:

  • Economic, efficient recovery and credit of all metals associated with all types of solder and connectors, namely tin, lead and silver.
  • Lower environmental impact by lower energy use.
  • Lower carbon emissions and lower residual waste. 
  • Higher revenue and lower operating costs per tonne of PCB boards.
  • Attractive profitability for all grades of boards, but particularly from hard to treat low grade boards. 
  • The Itrimex process maximises metal recovery and hence metal credit.
  • Once the process removes the solder all attached electrical components are released for ongoing metal recovery
  • All precious metals associated with the boards can then be sent for final metal recovery and allow 98.5+% of gold and palladium to be recovered.
  • The process vs smelting: 
    When a smelting process is used predominately only precious metal and copper are credited 
  • Credit is obtained for all base metals.
  • All products generated by the process can be sold back into the secondary metals/ commodities market.

Industrial Partners

  • Our business model is based on technology and process licensing. We invest in the research, development, scale up and improvement of novel processes, which are based on the use of bespoke solvents and novel agitation techniques. These processes are licensed to our industrial partners. Learn more about how to become one of our industrial partners.


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